Summer on MSH

Summer is here! Time to put some miles on your boots - hut info coming soon!



I think, we have a permanent go!



One of the many close zones to the prospective hut location.



We love MSH!



Met with the Monument Ranger a few weeks ago; things are looking very promising! Pushing forward with the proposal!

We need snow! It’s boney out there



Spring/Summer riding is upon us! Can't wait to move forward with the hut plan.


Juice Box Crew

I got the juice box crew up on the hill a few weeks ago. Fun times; this is what it's all about! My 7 year old keeps asking when we're going to start working on the cabins in the mountains, well...

We heard back from the USFS and we'll be working together to push MSH Backcountry's hut plan forward! SUPER STOKED! Let the process and dream begin.

MSH Backcountry


Another epic day on MSH with Kris and Luke splitboarding! Great snow conditions, blue skies, and smiles ear to ear!

I'm so thankful Mt. St. Helens is in my backyard, and so proud to call it my home mountain. Here's to many more trips!

Can't wait to hear back from the USFS regarding our hut based touring proposal on Mt. St. Helens. People would definitely use and enjoy what we have in mind! Praying for approval and the guidance to make this all possible! I spent many years trying to get hired at snowboard companies doing art work for them, but being on the snow, that's may passion; that's where I truly want to be!

MSH Backcountry




It's been pow'ing here in the PNW. Here's to more days like this one! Guide & Outfitter proposals were due March 1st; can't wait to hear what the Giff thinks about ours!

MSH Backcountry



Mt St Helens offers great terrain for all ability levels. Here is a glimpse into one of the many zones.


So Much Snow!

Went out splitboarding Sunday morning. There's so much snow on MSH right now! Great to see!!! Ran in to a lot of great people who would love to stay the night in one of our huts.


Here's the location for our prospective spot for our huts. So many users would be able to use this area as a base camp for their Mt. St. Helens touring adventures. Can't wait to hear back from the USFS.

MSH Backcountry



We just submitted our hut based touring proposal to the USFS. We're also happy to announce we've received a bindable offer on insurance for our project! Thank you to Wallowa Alpine Huts for graciously referring us to an agent who was as STOKED on our project as we are! Can't wait to get this rolling. 

We'll keep you posted!!!

MSH Backcountry


MSH Backcountry

Here we are, a couple days from submitting our proposal for a hut based touring system on Mt. St. Helen's. Lots of time has went into this project; get ready! MSH offers some great terrain.

Lets hope the Government shutdown ends soon.