What time do hut guests meet? Check-in is at 9AM  at the Marble Mountain Snow Park on the first day.

What time do hut guests return to the parking lot? Check out is 1PM. This time can often be adjusted, just let us know. Please have your gear picked up and organized, that way the next group can begin to unload their gear.

Coffee? French press. Bring your own coffee, and water.

Water? Some water is available at the huts, Swift Creek is a short walk away for gravity filtered water, but ultimately you are responsible to bring/supply the amount of water your group will need, or use snow melt boil.

Where can I rent or demo backcountry skis/splitboards backcountry equipment? Mountain Shop

Dogs? No dogs, sorry.

How should we pack our food? Guests must provide their own food and water. Sled trolley works the best. 

Can we ski ourselves into and out of the huts? Absolutely encouraged.

One-way shuttles, or just our gear? We only have a rate for round trip shuttles; there is not a lower price for one way or bags only. $20 to Rock Pit Hut

Can we bring our own snowmobile? Yes.

Is there cell reception at the huts? The coverage is very spotty and unreliable - but there is some service.

What do we do for emergency communication? We have an emergency “SPOT” devise at the huts. And, spotty cell service.

What are the best maps to bring? USFS approved maps or GPS. We always recommend carrying a map, and compass, and knowing how to use it.

What if the snow conditions are awful, can we cancel or postpone our trip? If the snowpack is terrible, be ready to go on a hike, and enjoy Mount St. Helens in another way. There's lots to do. For us to operate sustainably we have to be very strict with our no cancellation policy. We say that 85% of the time, the snow is great, 10% not so great, and 5% awful. For those that end up in the 5% category the focus must change from touring to simply enjoying and spending time on MSH with friends. If you think you might need or want to cancel, please consider travel insurance because we are not in a position to be flexible with our no cancellation policy.

Essential Winter Gear:

Avalanche beacon w/ fresh batteries
Avalanche shovel
Avalanche probe
Snow saw
Splitboarding/Skiing/Snowboarding Alpine touring or Telemark ski equipment, and or snowshoes
Climbing skins
Face mask/Balaclava
Helmet (not required)
Repair kit, tools or spare binding parts
Avalung and or float pack
Food and beverages
Medium to large pack
Appropriately rated sleeping bag
Headlamp and lighting w/ spare batteries
Battery powered lantern Toiletries
OTC meds you might need (pain relief, cold, etc)
Hut booties/footwear
Water bottle
Sun glasses
First aid kit
Pocket knife or multi tool
GPS, and or Map and compass
Talkabout radios
Battery pack for charging electronics
Appropriate clothing to be in winter conditions as well as a comfortable change of clothes for the hut 

In the summer months, please carry the 10 essentials.